High tech industry is behind the times in diversity

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Posted by Legal Team On September 5, 2016

San Francisco is a virtual Mecca of the high tech industry. And the high tech industry is always at the forefront of the development of new products aimed at making our lives more enjoyable and productive. And typically, tech workers are forward-thinking innovators. Unfortunately, this forward-thinking has not permeated every aspect of the industry. From a workplace diversity standpoint, tech companies are apparently not making satisfactory advancements.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission produced a study called “Diversity in High Tech,” which included a statistical breakdown of the workers employed in the high tech sector. According to these statistics, the majority of tech employees are white and male. In fact, whites occupy 83 percent of executive positions, and 80 percent of white executives are male.

This is discouraging news on a number of fronts. First, the tech industry provides well-paying jobs, and anyone with the requisite skills should be able to have a lucrative career. Everyone who has the aptitude to do the work and the willingness to put in the hours should be afforded the opportunity for success, regardless of their race, color, sex or age.

But it’s also bad for the tech industry itself. A diverse environment is one in which many different people with assorted backgrounds can come together and share perspectives. Such cooperative efforts could lead to amazing inventions. These days, we are all tech consumers, and it only makes sense for the industry to harness the creative powers of as many different people as possible.

It is sad to think that a person would have his or her opportunities denied due to the discriminatory practices of an employer. If you believe you have been the victim of discrimination by a tech company, a California employee rights attorney may be able to act as your advocate. The attorney could analyze your circumstances and act on your behalf in an effort to ensure your rights are upheld.