The law requires employers to discuss disability accommodations

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If you have suffered a debilitating injury, your job takes on even more importance in your life. For one thing, you may be facing a new set of expenses that you never anticipated. And as unfair as it may be, your new circumstances may make it more difficult to find another job should you lose the one you have. But to do any job, you must have accommodations that allow you to perform your tasks successfully.

In a previous post on this blog, we discussed how to approach your employer to request reasonable accommodations for your disability. And if your employer is well-versed in employment law, it is quite likely your needs will be appropriately addressed. For instance, if you have developed a condition that causes you to become easily fatigued, your employer may be able to find you less strenuous duties or adjust your work schedule. Typically, it just takes a cooperative effort to find workable solutions.

Unfortunately, there are employers who resist working with their employees to find practical remedies. But denying an employee the opportunity to discuss the creation of reasonable accommodations is not only unwise, it is also illegal. Under California’s Fair Housing and Employment Act, an employer is required to engage in a dialogue with a disabled employee in a manner that is timely and in good faith.

If your attempts at engaging your employer in a meaningful dialogue about accommodations for your disability have been stymied, then feel free to contact us at the Armstrong Law Firm. We are well versed in California and federal laws regarding the rights of workers with disabilities and would very much like to discuss your case with you.