California city settles sexual harassment lawsuit

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Posted by Legal Team On February 19, 2016

Believe it or not, there is a very strong chance that sexual harassment has occurred at your place of work, and it may even be occurring on a regular basis even now. In many instances, sexual harassment is not reported, often because the harasser is in a position of power, and the victim believes that his or her complaints will go unnoticed, or worse, get them in trouble. What you should remember is that sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, and no matter how powerful your harasser might seem, the law is on your side.

A sexual harassment lawsuit was recently settled in California, in which the city of San Diego agreed to a settlement of more than two-thirds of a million dollars. The lawsuit was brought against the city’s former mayor, who’s executive assistant alleged that she had been groped or otherwise sexually advanced upon against her will dozens of times when she worked for the mayor. In fact, it was allegations of such behavior that contributed to the mayor’s resignation after only a few months in office.

According to reports, the city chose to settle because the case that the victim brought forth was so strong, they were afraid they would have had to pay even more money if it had gone to trial. Instead, the victim receives hundreds of thousands in compensation, a measure of justice for the indignities she allegedly suffered, and likely some peace of mind.

As you can see, even the mayor of one of the largest cities in the country is not above the law. No matter how powerful your aggressor may seem, you do not have to suffer sexual harassment in the workplace. If you are being sexually harassed, consider meeting with an attorney to help you take legal action against your harasser.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “San Diego settles sexual harassment suit against ex-mayor for $667,000,” David Garrick, Feb. 2, 2016