Advocating on behalf of disabled workers

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Living with a disability is obviously extremely difficult, but many handicapped individuals learn to not only live with their disability but thrive. Thanks to modern advances in technology and medicine, most disabled individuals are able to lead very fulfilling lives. Of course, part of this fulfilling life includes working and contributing in a meaningful way to society, but some disabled individuals have experienced difficulties in finding employment.

Fortunately for those who have disabilities, both federal and state laws have been enacted to ensure that the rights of disabled individuals are protected. Some employers may try to avoid hiring disabled workers who are perfectly able and willing to do a job, simply because the employer fears that they will have to make special accommodations or sacrifices in order to give the disabled individual employment. Thanks to California’s FEHA and the federal ADA, handicapped workers do not have to worry about this type of discrimination.

Not only do these acts prohibit employers from discriminating against disabled individuals in their hiring practices and daily treatment, but they also mandate that employers make any reasonable accommodations necessary to ensure that the disabled employees can perform the functions of their job. This can include construction or adding ramps and handicapped parking spaces and various other changes.

While the San Francisco area prides itself on how well employees are treated, there are some businesses that try to skirt the requirements of the FEHA and the ADA. However, these acts are highly enforceable, and those who believe that they have suffered any kind of discrimination based on their disability can take legal action in their defense. If you have been mistreated or denied employment based on a disability, please visit our webpage to learn how we can help you with a disability discrimination claim that could see you compensated.