Employees allegedly fired for reminding peers of their rights

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Posted by Legal Team On July 16, 2014

Just because you have a boss doesn’t mean that you have to do whatever your boss says. While they may be in charge of the job duties you perform, there are still rules that protect you at your workplace, allowing you to carry out your duties without sacrificing what you believe in. Some of your superiors may not like this, and they may try to take action against you, even going so far as to get you fired. It’s important to remember that you, as an employee, have rights.

Two employees who are taking advantage of their rights are filing a lawsuit against a Sheriff of the Bay City Police Department. The employees claim they were wrongfully terminated during an internal investigation, which alleged misconduct on another employee. The two employees released a memo which simply reminded their fellow officers that, in the event that a superior officer questioned an officer, that officer could have a union representative bear witness. The memo explicitly stated that the two employees were not encouraging uncooperative behavior, but rather ensuring that all employees know their rights.

The Sheriff alleged that one of the employees, who recently had become president of the union, interfered with the investigation, and the Sheriff went so far as to threaten criminal prosecution. The union president was then given an ultimatum: resign or be terminated. Shortly afterward, the other employee was fired.

The courts differ from state to state, so it’s hard to say how this case will hold up in a Michigan court, but San Francisco prides itself on how well it treats its employees. If you’ve suffered similar circumstances where you believe you were unlawfully fired for exercising your rights, strong legal counsel might be able to help you get your job back and even some compensation for your suffering.

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