Wage-and-hour violations aren’t appetizing for YUM! employees

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Posted by Legal Team On November 15, 2013

One of the most basic rights that workers in the United States have is to be paid adequately for the work they complete. Even thought this may seem like an obvious obligation for employers, sometimes they do not uphold their responsibilities in this regard.

Not long ago, several wage-and-hour class-action claims against YUM! Brands were rolled into a single class-action suit in the state of California. YUM! owns some of the most recognizable fast food chains in the country, including Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. The claims included in this suit were initially filed between 2006 and 2010, and they all cited clear violations of employee rights and labor law.

According to the legal claim, YUM! employees were denied overtime pay in accordance with California law, timely paychecks after they left their jobs, wages that met minimum rates set by state law and time to take breaks. All of these issues aren’t special requests made by employees. Rather, the workers fulfilled the basic duties of an employment relationship, but their employer didn’t do the same.

In this case, class action could benefit the employees included in the suit. By grouping their claims, they have solidarity against a very large company. Even though the employees in this particular case filed their lawsuit as a class, this does not mean that individual workers who are denied wages should be discouraged from filing their own claims. If employers disregard state and federal employment laws, they should be held accountable.

No matter how strong an employee’s case might be, dealing with work-related claims can be an overwhelming process. As such, it can be helpful to speak with an experienced attorney.

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