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We Fight Against Illegal Workplace Discrimination

Our seasoned employment attorneys aggressively advocate for recovery of money damages for victims of unlawful workplace discrimination throughout Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. We thoroughly investigate each claim for evidence of violation of Federal or California laws against employment discrimination.

We Represent Employees Exclusively In Discrimination Claims Against Employers

The Armstrong Law Firm with offices in San Francisco, Sausalito and Oakland, California, fights for employee rights in surrounding areas like San Jose, Mountain View and Santa Clara who were victims of unlawful work discrimination. Were you paid less than employees of the opposite gender performing similar work? Were members of the other sex with fewer skills unjustly promoted over you? Were you denied accomodations for your disability? If you’ve been the target of a recent layoff, demotion or other detrimental employment action that you suspect was based on your inclusion in a legally protected group, then you may have a viable lawsuit. Employers are prohibited from penalizing employees on the basis of age, gender, pregnancy, disability status, sexual orientation, or skin color.

Our employment lawyers have received professional recognition such as Avvo Top Attorney ratings of 10.0 Superb. They are featured on major media outlets and in respected newspapers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Our discrimination attorneys do not hesitate to file discrimination claims with government agencies or courts against employers of any size, including large corporations. With sensitivity and support, we stand up for workers who have experienced traumatic and stressful treatment in claims of:

  • Gender discrimination, including that based on pregnancy
  • Sexual harassment, including for sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Sexually oriented hostile work environment
  • Retaliation for reporting discrimination or harassment
  • Wrongful termination related to sex
  • Pay disparity by gender, race, or disability.

We have recovered millions of dollars in damages in employment discrimination suits for our clients.

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