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When you run into an extremely difficult and possibly illegal situation at work, it can seem like you are all alone. This is an understandable feeling for anyone faced with harassment, discrimination or other impermissible employment practices.

At The Armstrong Law Firm, our attorneys are here to help you overcome that feeling and pursue the justice and proper compensation the law allows. We are an employee-only firm with a proven record of vindicating our clients’ rights in the workplace. With offices in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sausalito, we serve clients throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Affirmations Of Our Firm’s Role In Helping Clients

Many clients whom we have helped in employment law cases have provided testimonials or endorsements affirming our role in championing their interests and obtaining damage awards on their behalf.

Our proven record of results that is reflected in the representative case examples below. These include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Racial harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Whistleblower retaliation

Sexual Harassment By A Manager Against a Female Office Worker

We represented a female office employee who worked very closely with her male boss, who was an executive in the company. The employee needed the income from her job to support herself and her children, but the boss kept coming on to her by the way he talked to her, looked at her and telling her what he wanted to do with her. He made her feel uncomfortable and during an out-of-town conference where there was drinking at a bar, at dinner and then after dinner, the boss forced himself on the female, grabbing and assaulting her against her will.

She was able to get away from him and was terrified to report him for fear of losing her job. We were able to represent her interests and protect her from further harm. Our efforts on her behalf resulted in a mid-six figure settlement and she went on to receive counseling to further heal from her ordeal.

Race Harassment By Coworkers That Management Knew About But Didn’t Stop

We represented a male African American employee who worked with several other males on a shipyard. The employee was subjected to racism, slurs and called derogatory names. He was also physically pushed and shoved, and the others tried to trip him. They put threats to hurt him in his locker. The employee was in fear for his safety as well as his mental wellbeing.

Management knew about what was happening but didn’t do anything to stop it. The employee was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and PTSD. He required long-term counseling to help him deal with the trauma. We stepped in, litigated the case and were able to achieve a result that was more than 10 times the employee’s annual salary in less than a year. Our client went on to pursue entrepreneurial ventures with his own business.

Retaliation And Wrongful Termination Of A Salesperson Who Complained Of Ageism

A car salesman came to us because he was fired by a BMW dealership after he complained that older workers were being mistreated by the manager. He also said they were “not green peas,” which is a term in the industry representing newer, younger workers. The salesman had been one of the top performers for the dealership for over 10 years. But after he complained against the manager, who was a friend of the General Manager, our client was quickly fired.

The dealership had multiple opportunities to resolve the case, but they spent several months trying to build a case against our client, falsely making him out to be a bad person, despite all the bad behavior by others at the dealership for years. The case ended up going to arbitration and we won a total award including damages, costs and fees for over $200,000.

Pregnancy Discrimination By A First-Time Mother Who Was A Long-Time Employee

A female employee in a corporation became pregnant and was subjected to mistreatment and discrimination once she notified her managers she was pregnant and planned to take maternity. At a time when she needed to focus most on her physical health and well being of her unborn baby, the employer targeted her and defamed her by falsely stating there were deficiencies with her work performance.

The pregnant employee had worked for the employer for many years, but became very upset and developed an anxiety disability for which she needed to take a medical leave and go on bed rest. The employer continued trying to build a case against the employee to justify her eventual termination. This further jeopardized the health of her baby due to the emotional distress the employer’s actions caused.

The employee gave birth and was fired. We negotiated a resolution in the multiple six figures and our client was able to leave the corporation and move forward with her life. She got a job with a different corporation which supported mothers in the workplace.

Whistleblower Retaliation Against A Corporation Which Fired The Employee

A male employee complained to his employer of financial wrongdoing and illegal activity at work, thinking his employer would be appreciative and would fix the problems as soon as reasonably possible. However, the employer was angry with the employee and turned the tables on him, falsely blaming the employee for the wrongdoing. The employer also targeted the employee for termination after falsely setting him up with false negative performance reviews and warnings.

Our client’s complaints also triggered a months-long investigation of him personally, instead of doing what was necessary to fix the problems at the company. The employee was stunned at the tactics used against him, as well as the first complaints he ever received about his work despite years of positive reviews. We brought whistleblower claims on the employee’s behalf after he was wrongfully terminated. The case resulted in a high, multiple six-figure result.

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