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Here in California, we have both state laws and federal laws in place that protect employees from suffering from workplace discrimination. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is what makes it illegal for anyone, including employees and employers to discriminate against anyone else in the workplace. Despite the previous efforts of our government to prevent this behavior, it unfortunately continues.

Thankfully, if you were the victim of discrimination, such as in the form of racial stereotypes, you can still fight to protect your rights. Here at The Armstrong Law Firm, we can hold the offending party and possibly even your employer responsible for their actions. Our lawyers have won millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and we are prepared to protect your best interests as well.

Why It Matters To Pursue Your Case

While these types of cases can result in a considerable compensation for our clients, we pursue these cases to fight in appearance of intolerance in the workplace. By treating every instance of racism as serious as any other, we can continue to meet intolerance with an aggressive defense, in the hopes that everyone will understand that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

You deserve to be able to work in an environment where you do not feel as though you are unwelcome, or that others are judging you based on your race. Let one of our experienced San Francisco racial discrimination attorneys fight to protect your rights

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Any time that any kind of racism is allowed in the workplace, even in the form of a “joke”, it creates breeding-ground for other “jokes” to start appearing. After a time, these “jokes” stop being funny, and start begin hateful. This is why we act to meet even the first offense with such severity.

Whether you are African American, Latino, or of Arab or Indian descent, if you are in the San Francisco area, or even northern California, contact our office immediately to begin pursuing justice. Do not let anyone tell you that this is not a big deal. Call (415) 909-3945 to schedule your consultation today.