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Whatever progress we as a nation have made in recent years towards a tolerant and accepting society does not change the fact that there are still people out there that find it necessary to use racial slurs. It does not matter if the slur was used as a joke or in a derogatory manner, it is still unacceptable for anyone to use them, especially in the workplace. A San Francisco racial slur lawyer is prepared to take on your case and fight to win you the respect you deserve in the workplace.

If you were the target of such a type of harassment, you need to know that you do not need to take those words sitting down. You have the right to protect yourself, and pursue legal action for your coworker or superior’s behavior. There are laws in place to protect your employment status while pursuing your case, and we at The Armstrong Law Firm want to protect your best interests.

Any Form Of Racial Slur Is Unacceptable

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Understanding what constitutes a racial slur is the first step to building your case. When you are in the workplace, it does not matter who says the slur in question, whether it is your coworker, a third-party at work, or even your boss. It is still a slur whether the speaker directed it at you, another coworker, or even a small group of friends as a joke. Do not let anyone pressure you into letting it go because “it was just a joke.”

Any slur, even a joke, opens the floodgates for other “jokes.” Over time, these jokes can lose their humor, and turn sour with bigotry and intolerance. Here in California, if an employee is responsible for these actions, the entire company may be liable for this behavior, which is why it is so important to keep this kind of behavior from becoming the norm.

Keep Your Workplace A Safe Environment For Everyone

No one, whether you are African American, Latino, or of Arab or Indian descent, should ever feel unsafe or unwelcome in their workplace. If you know of an employee or employer who is making racist remarks in the workplace, know that you have the power to stop it. With a San Francisco race discrimination attorney who is experienced in state and federal laws in your corner, we can help you keep this kind of behavior from taking root in your workplace.

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