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Discrimination in the workplace is not only disrespectful, it is also illegal and should never be tolerated. If you suffer discrimination at work, report your experience to Human Resources and seek the counsel of an employment law attorney.

If you are Asian American and have experienced discrimination or other adverse employment actions at work, we are here to help. Our San Francisco Asian American discrimination lawyer has years of experience protecting victims in cases involving discrimination and harassment. We aggressively defend your rights and work tirelessly to hold the perpetrators of the abuse accountable for their actions.

Types Of Discrimination And Harassment

There are a number of ways that discrimination and harassment of Asian Americans can occur in the workplace, including:

  • A lack of opportunities at work
  • Discouragement from being held back from customer-facing interactions
  • A demotion from your position
  • A termination from your job
  • Racial slurs used toward you or in describing you
  • Racially insensitive jokes about Asian countries and people of Asian descent
  • Retaliation at work for reporting race-related harassment and discrimination

How Our Employment Lawyers Can Help

There is a large population of Asian Americans here in Northern California, and we understand the poor treatment this group has suffered in our workplaces. We stand firm in our dedication to holding the parties responsible for their racist actions that have impacted your ability to do your job and work free from emotional stress.

At The Armstrong Law Firm, our racial discrimination lawyer in San Francisco is committed to protecting the rights of all employees. Whether you are Asian American or another race, we are committed to putting an end to the discrimination and harassment you are experiencing as well as pursuing compensation for the losses you’ve suffered due to your mistreatment.

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