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Were You Discriminated Against For Being Latino?

Was your job application rejected simply because of your race? Were you passed over for a promotion or paid less than other employees, simply for being Latino?

It does happen, but you don’t have to accept it.

Turn to The Armstrong Law Firm in San Francisco. Our employment law attorneys have extensive experience standing up for people like you. Our firm handles race discrimination and harassment claims anywhere in Northern California. You can rely on us to be your strong champion, fighting for the fair treatment and financial compensation you may deserve.

Statistics Show That You’re Not Alone

If you have ever wondered if you’re the only one facing job-related challenges because of your race, wonder no longer. You’re certainly not alone.

In 2017, National Public Radio polled more than 800 Latino and Hispanic individuals. Approximately one out of every three reported that they had suffered discrimination when looking for a new job, pursuing a promotion or having their wages set. An even higher number reported that they had been victims of racial slurs or harassment.

Statistics from the Harvard Business Review agree. In a study that compared white and Latino job applicants with identical qualifications, the white applicants were 24 percent more likely to get a call back from the recruiter.

Let Us Fight For Justice On Your Behalf

If you believe you were passed over for a job or a promotion because of your race, take action. Call The Armstrong Law Firm at 415-692-0462 or contact our lawyers online to schedule your free initial consultation. We’re here to help.

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