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As an employee, you go to work every day and do the best you can for your employer. You are respectful toward all those around you. At the very least, these actions should be met with equal intentions. Unfortunately, racial harassment continues to exist in the workplace. No one should ever have to endure racial slurs, racial jokes or threats and intimidation due to race or ethnicity — especially in the workplace. If you are Latino and believe you are being racially harassed by your employer or fellow employees, it is time to enforce your rights. Our San Francisco Latino harassment lawyer is prepared to take on your case and fight for your right to a safe workplace.

Racial discrimination is illegal. At The Armstrong Law Firm in San Francisco, California, we believe in protecting the employment law rights of Latinos throughout the Bay Area by providing skilled and dedicated legal representation. No one should ever have to go to work, dreading that today will be another day of humiliation, embarrassment and physical or emotional abuse because of his or her race or ethnicity.

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Racial discrimination of Latinos is not only morally wrong, but illegal as well. Employers that target Latinos just because of their race are violating state and federal laws. In addition, when fellow employees engage in such behavior and employers are aware of it and do nothing about it, this is just as illegal.

Fortunately, at The Armstrong Law Firm, we understand racial harassment and how horrible it can be. We will listen to your story and help figure out how to use the facts to argue strongly in your favor. Whether your case requires negotiations and aggressive settlement talks or litigation, we have the experience and skills to seek the best possible result for your particular Latino racial harassment lawsuit.

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