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Maybe you went into the job interview with confidence. You met all the criteria listed in the job posting. You had glowing referrals. You had all the skills and experience needed. You certainly never expected to be passed over in favor of a job candidate who was much less qualified than you.

Was it because of your race? Did you lose out on the job because you are African-American? Sadly, it’s possible.

At The Armstrong Law Firm in San Francisco, we have successfully represented individuals throughout the Bay Area and Northern California who have been discriminated against or harassed due to their race or other protected characteristics. Let our San Francisco African-American discrimination lawyers vigorously advocate for you, too.

The Facts Don’t Lie: Hiring Discrimination Still Exists

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, black Americans have yet to see a decline in hiring discrimination, despite all the attention the topic has garnered in the past few decades.

The study looked at more than 42,000 employment applications for more than 20,000 positions in order to compare the results of white applicants and black applicants. Researchers put together fake resumes that were identical except for the alleged ethnicity of the applicant. They also had pairs of trained participants — one white and one black — apply for the same job and present the same qualifications.

On average, the white applicants received 36 percent higher call-back rates than African-American applicants.

Of course, this study only looked at hiring practices. Too many African-Americans also face employment discrimination at other points in their careers — such as when it comes to promotions, pay, training and other benefits. Too many African-Americans also face harassment in their workplaces.

You Don’t Have To Put Up With It

Take action to end the injustice in your particular situation. Talk to one of our skilled racial discrimination attorneys in San Francisco who can advocate on your behalf. Simply call The Armstrong Law Firm at (415) 909-3945 or send us an email to set up your consultation.