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Lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination in prison

Workers in every work environment can be subject to stress and interpersonal issues that can compromise their ability to work. It is the apparent dangers to safety that are the clearest problems requiring legal recourse, for the sake of the suing employee or former employee as well as the work environment.

A psychologist serving California's prison system has filed a workplace discrimination suit against the Department of Corrections. She is claiming that her own sexual orientation and reporting of mistreatment of LGBTQ inmates led to a corrections officer putting her in dangerous situations.

4 questions you may have about religious discrimination

Practicing a religion can make many people feel comfort and connection to something greater than themselves. You may attend religious services or have practices that you carry out throughout your day that adhere to your beliefs. If you have particularly open practices, you may fear the potential for discrimination due to your religion.

Though religious discrimination should not occur at your place of employment, the possibility does exist for unjust treatment. It may become so widespread that it appears commonplace to others but can create a hostile work environment for you and others of your religion.

New hires in California receive anti-abuse guidelines

There are few events in life that require more rest and rebuilding than an instance of abuse or violence. Victims of dangerous behavior or discrimination, at home or in employment, have a right to an accepting workplace where laws are observed for the safety of its workers.

Earlier this year, the California Department of Industrial Relations added a requirement that all new employees in the state receive a copy of their rights if they are victims of violence, abuse or threatening behavior. This document outlines what workers can expect from their employer in and out of the workplace.

Lawsuit alleges wrongful termination after workplace abuse report

Californians in all industries and types of employment rely on labor laws to ensure their safe and productive workplaces. These laws range from sexual harassment protections to restrictions on construction equipment, and they are far more powerful when workers feel they can report violations on the premises. A wrongful dismissal from employment for calling attention to hazards or damage in the workplace is a violation of the California Labor Code.

A fitness instructor in Fresno County recently filed suit against a training center where she was formerly employed, alleging the business retaliated against her in the workplace and before terminating her employment after reporting a possible crime to management.

Sexual harassment lawsuit alleges culture of mistreatment

A female financial advisor sued her former employing firm for damages in her firing due to sexual harassment and related workplace violations. The complaint indicates a culture of sexual objectification and demeaning treatment along gender lines in the California office.

The suit contains charges of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, retaliation and failure to prevent harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The financial services firms denied any unlawful conduct associated with the charges.

Know about discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination

Many employees think that they have to deal with whatever conditions are present in a workplace. This isn't the case. Employees don't have to deal with any form of discrimination or retaliation. It is important for all workers to know what various terms related to these points mean.

Discrimination means that you are treated unfairly based on a protected status. Gender, race, disabilities and closely held religious beliefs are some of the protected statuses. In California, sexual orientation is also a protected status.

A look at the sexual harassment accusations sweeping Silicon Valley

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an age-old problem in Silicon Valley and nationwide. What is new, however, is the number of women who are beginning to step forward and speak up, advocating for change in venture capital and technological industries.

Workplace discrimination and the perception of warmth

In looking into the reasons that workplace discrimination still occurs, even with laws against it, researches stumbled across something very interesting. When meeting another person, people will often get a sense of "warmth" -- or a lack thereof -- from that person. They then judge the person based on this and make decisions revolving around that judgement.

The study found, for example, that people in the United States tended to view those who are homeless with a low level warmth. The same was true for those who were undocumented immigrants.

Yay! You're having a baby! But, wait. Is that why you were fired?

If you had been born many decades ago in California or just about any other state, grew up, got married and learned you were expecting a baby, you'd likely be like most all women of your era and quit your job (if you had one outside the home) to stay home and raise your family. Nowadays, it's very different from the typical Americana past. Many women are working mothers who joined the workforce by either economic need or mere personal desire.

Either way, if you are currently expecting a baby, you undoubtedly were not born many decades ago. If you happen to be one of thousands of women who had planned to keep working throughout your pregnancy and even after your baby is born, then you were probably shocked and dismayed when, not long after sharing your happy news with your employer, you were fired.

Fox Sports fires president for alleged sexual harassment

Fox is once again at the center of a sexual harassment case. Within the last year, the company has lost a talk show host and an executive with the news department. Both men were accused of sexual harassment. Now similar charges have been leveled against the Fox Sports National president, and he's been fired.

So far, the company has been reluctant to talk about the situation, but three unnamed sources did speak to Sports Illustrated. They said that Fox was conducting a sexual harassment investigation and decided to fire the man as a result.