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Identifying Religious Discrimination

We are a country of many colors, traditions, cultures and religions. The workplace, however, is ruled by specific legal standards to protect workers of every faith or of no faith. Understanding these legal standards and your rights can help you identify discrimination and take the necessary action to stop it.

What Is Workplace Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination happens when your employer treats you differently because of what you believe, or don’t believe. If you are treated unfavorably at your work because you do not share the same religious beliefs as others at the workplace this is religious discrimination. Speak with a lawyer who works in religious discrimination if you are suffering at work due to discrimination of any kind.

What The Law Says

The United States law forbids religious discrimination at the workplace in all aspects of your job. This includes:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Firing and layoffs
  • Pay, raises and fringe benefits
  • Job assignments
  • Duties
  • Advancement

Religious Discrimination And Segregation

The law also prohibits workplace or job segregation based on your religion. This includes any religious garb or grooming practices your faith requires. Your employer cannot assign you to menial tasks or “hide” you from customers based on your faith and the garb and grooming your faith, or nonfaith, requires. Harassment, or making negative or offensive remarks about your religion, sincerely held believes or nonbelief, is also illegal. The harasser can be your boss a co-worker or a regular client.

Small-Business Exceptions To The Law

If you work for a small employer (fewer than 15 employees) your employer may claim that it would be an” undue hardship” and cause more than a minimal burden on their business to meet the stipulations your faith requires. These hardships can include that your requested accommodation will:

  • Cost the company an unreasonable amount of money
  • Compromise workplace safety
  • Decrease workplace efficiency
  • Infringe on the rights of other employees
  • Require other employees to do more and more intense work

Work With An Established Firm

At The Armstrong Law Firm, we are passionate, knowledgeable and established employee advocates. We serve clients throughout Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are facing Bay Area religious discrimination in the workplace we can help.

Questions? Call the firm and speak with an attorney who works with religious discrimination: 415-692-0462. Your initial consultation is always free. You may also email us and we will respond promptly, usually within 24 hours.

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