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California Government Overpayment Lawyers

Given the amount of money that the federal government and the state of California spend annually on goods and services, the possibility for overpayment regarding certain expenditures is highly likely. When overpayment occurs, new laws demand the return of the funds.

Specifically, in the case of the health care industry, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires the refunding of any identified overpayments by the government.

What Can You Do if You Have Uncovered a Government Overpayment?

Overpayments by the government can and do occur in any industry; deciding how to come forward with information regarding an overpayment may be a difficult decision for an employee to make. To encourage employees to bring forth evidence of overpayments, the government allows what are called qui tam actions.

In this type of lawsuit, a private individual may sue on behalf of the government when illegal activity has occurred. The person bringing the suit is entitled to protections from employer retaliation as well as a percentage of any damages that are recovered.

California Government Employment Lawyers

At The Armstrong Law Firm, our California government overpayment attorneys can help you understand how to bring the evidence of wrongdoing that you have to light while minimizing any risk to yourself. With our skill in conducting highly complex trials, we are able to provide representation that puts forth an effective case designed to create results.

Payment Recapture Audit Attorneys

If you have uncovered evidence that you believe indicates the state or federal government is being defrauded, turn to our highly skilled California government overpayment lawyers. The Armstrong Law Firm has a record of successfully pursuing qui tam actions while defending the rights of employees. Call toll free at 415-692-0462 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.