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Sheriff awarded $650,000 for wrongful termination

California's "at will" employment stance means that employers can fire employees at any time they please and for any reason that isn't considered unlawful. This is an important distinction to make; being fired for an unfair reason is different than being fired for an unlawful reason. You may find your firing unfair, but if it wasn't illegal, you won't be able to mount much of a case.

Overview of San Francisco "Retail Workers' Bill of Rights"

In 2015, a series of ordinances became operative in San Francisco. The ordinances address hours and retention of employees, and scheduling and fair treatment of retail workers. Together, the ordinances are known as the Retail Workers' Bill of Rights. The new laws apply to all chain stores with at least 40 other stores worldwide and 20 or more employees in San Francisco, including janitorial and security contractors. Thus, it exempts mom-and-pop shops but should cover most major retailers in San Francisco.

Do federal workers have free speech rights?

The right to free speech seems ingrained in the American DNA. But, it is not an absolute right, there are plenty of limits for the good of the public, to protect secrets, to stop libel and slander, and to ensure that employees don't abuse their position in a company or organization. The right to free speech is heavily curbed when you are on another person's time (i.e. when you are working). This means that there is a certain honor system between employers and employees and when there is an employee or boss who violates that honor system, relations can break down.

Why a Wrongful Termination Petition Should Not Stress You

You finally landed your dream job after years of painstakingly searching for one. With such a post, you dedicate adequate time and other resources to ensure that every task is completed with satisfaction. Making a lasting impression on the minds of bosses serves as a constant reminder of what needs to be done. For the first few months or years, the work transition has successfully transitioned into a smooth sailing. It appears nothing could go wrong.

Employee handbook could help prove wrongful termination

Being fired from a job could leave anyone feeling dazed and confused. In such a situation, it's normal to experience a wide range of emotions. At first, you may feel shock and embarrassment. Often a termination is the result of some sort of shortcoming, and no one wants to feel like they were doing a substandard job. But if you have been dismissed from a job, it is also important to look at the situation objectively and ask yourself if the termination was justified.

Can my employer monitor me with video cameras while on the job?

There are arguments that can be made both for and against the use of video cameras for the purpose of surveillance. And of course, the specifics of the circumstances in which the cameras are employed is extremely significant. On one hand, businesses and even private residences may strategically place cameras for security reasons. But conversely, video cameras can also be used in an effort to violate the privacy rights of individuals.

Employers cannot terminate workers for reporting safety issues

When you are at your place of employment, there are state and federal regulations in place to help ensure that you enjoy many important protections. Some of these regulations were created specifically to help keep workers from getting hurt while on the job.