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Some face disproportionate issues of workplace discrimination

California has become the epicenter of progress made against workplace discrimination. From venture capital firms to the state government in Sacramento, women and members of racial minorities have been making their voices heard after they have experienced harmful and degrading behavior in the workplace.

California city hit with workplace discrimination suit

All good managers and directors know that diversity is the cornerstone of success in modern workplaces, and California has at once one of the largest and most diverse workforces in the world. Cases of workplace discrimination still persist in several industries, however, including legislation and law enforcement.

New employment law protects Californian former convicts

Workplaces are increasingly where Americans come together. The unity that employees and managers feel when they are on the same professional team can transcend many of the differences that keep citizens and visitors to this nation apart. This is why it is also increasingly important that workplaces are free of discrimination.

Elder care litigation is a rising topic in employment law

Employment law has expanded in recent decades to account for different populations requiring special protections in the workplace. Women, members of ethnic minorities and people with specific disabilities have all received legal validation of the right to meaningfully engage with and avoid discrimination in their workplaces.

Discrimination extends to California's farmers

One of the greatest drivers of California's surging economy is agriculture, which provides the state with ample produce and the nation with specialty foods that are grown few other places. Although efforts to end employment discrimination are often centered in the cities, farming has its share of issues with discriminatory practices.

Lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination in prison

Workers in every work environment can be subject to stress and interpersonal issues that can compromise their ability to work. It is the apparent dangers to safety that are the clearest problems requiring legal recourse, for the sake of the suing employee or former employee as well as the work environment.

Workplace discrimination and the perception of warmth

In looking into the reasons that workplace discrimination still occurs, even with laws against it, researches stumbled across something very interesting. When meeting another person, people will often get a sense of "warmth" -- or a lack thereof -- from that person. They then judge the person based on this and make decisions revolving around that judgement.

Know the signs of workplace discrimination and where to seek help

Whether you're a server in a small California cafe, a teacher in a public school classroom or a member of a team in a busy corporation, you have the right to expect fair treatment in the workplace. Every person, regardless his or her race, religion, ethnicity or gender should be able to report to work, carry out all duties within the normal scope of the position he or she was hired for and collect adequate payment for those duties without worrying about discrimination on the job.