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Bay Area restaurant get creative fighting sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace used to be a matter of course for thousands of female employees in earlier eras for American industry. Although it is no longer acceptable to treat women differently or deny any protected employee a fair share of work and compensation, instances of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior still happen.

California court system deals with victims of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has no excuse in the workplace, and the last year brought new attention to the inappropriate practice that exist in many businesses, organizations and government entities in California. The fields of high-tech development, venture capital and even the State Assembly in Sacramento have all had to face allegations of misbehavior regarding some managers and officials.

New law protects California whistleblowers

California has been at the forefront of fighting sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination for the better part of a century. The broad and strong economy in the Golden State has required a modern and progressive approach to labor relations, driving concerns about inclusion.

Nonprofit organization faces allegations of sexual harassment

Employees should always feel safe in the workplace and not be subjected to aggressive behavior or unwelcome propositions. While many industries are finally investigating cultures of objectification and sexual harassment, the nonprofit world is also facing allegations along these lines.