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Is there really protection from sexual harassment at work?

If you are being subjected to unwanted sexual advances or vulgar words or gestures, then you may have a serious legal matter on your hands. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal in California law. Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as federal law thanks to Title VII. In the San Francisco area, we take pride in our award-winning employee satisfaction, which means that mistreatment of employees, including sexual harassment, is not tolerated kindly.

Sexual harassment could be a problem in the restaurant industry

Sexual harassment is a real problem for many people in many places. Whether male or female, African-American or Caucasian, at work or at school, there are thousands of instances of sexual assault that range from inappropriate touching to lewd jokes or obscene gestures. The problem could be even worse than some realize, since many instances of sexual harassment go unreported. However, a recent survey has given the country at least a partial glimpse of how common sexual harassment is with data from the restaurant industry.

Tinder executive resigns after sexual harassment lawsuit

Sexual harassment is a serious offense that affects employees of all races and genders. Even if you think that nobody in your workplace is a victim of sexual harassment, that may not be the case since many victims do not report harassment for fear of being ignored or facing retaliation. Unfortunately, this fear is well-founded, as many companies would rather cut loose a lesser employee than lose one of their executives to a sexual harassment scandal. Still, if you can muster the courage to take advantage of your rights and report the harassment, you may find justice.

Former Yahoo employee alleges sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is one of the worst experiences that an employee can have. It can make you feel weak and inferior, or make you feel like you’re only valued for your sexual appeal, rather than your work performance. Perhaps most importantly, it can make you feel uncomfortable or scared at your place of work, which is something that nobody should have to endure. Unfortunately, victims of sexual harassment often feel as though they can’t escape from the harassment for fear that their employment will be in jeopardy if they speak out.

Sexual harassment a huge problem at some California universities

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are serious problems in our state and in our country. Consequently, it is rather troubling that a recent report indicates that sexual harassment and sexual assault cases are possibly not being handled sufficiently at four particular California universities. One of those universities is the University of California at Berkeley, just outside of the San Francisco area. The report reviewed the period from 2009 to 2013, featuring over 300 cases.

California teacher suffers two years of sexual harassment

Many people think they could identify sexual harassment in the workplace, but they might not fully understand the scope of this abuse. Moreover, they might not understand how far protection against sexual harassment in the workplace goes, which may lead one to suffer a hostile working environment. In fact, employees are protected against sexual harassment in the workplace and allowed by law to pursue compensation if they are harassed. Victims are also able to pursue compensation if their employer doesn’t make an adequate effort to protect employees from sexual harassment.

Men can be victims of sexual harassment, too

Sexual harassment is a multifaceted issue that can range from inappropriate gestures to inappropriate exposure. It is not abnormal for victims of sexual harassment to feel confused or angry or scared as a result of the harassment. It can make people uncomfortable at their place of work and turn an otherwise pleasant job into a daily nightmare. And while sexual harassment is often expected to be a male harassing a female, the pendulum does swing both ways.

Sexual harassment claim revived despite contract restriction

Sexual harassment can be one of the most terrifying and disgusting encounters in the workplace. Victims of sexual harassment may choose not to say anything for fear of retaliation either from their harasser or the company itself. They may also internalize the ordeal, wondering if perhaps they are the problem. Make no mistake, victims of sexual harassment are just that -- victims.

Universities battle with campus sex assaults

Sexual harassment is a crime that is common, however, not freely spoken about. This is a problem that exists not only in the workplace, but other institutions as well. Most recently, academic institutions are trying to decrease the number of sex assaults on campus after the case of a university swimmer came to light. The student claimed she was raped and eventually committed suicide.

Politician resigns after several sexual harassment claims

No one deserves a hostile working environment. Unfortunately many cases of sexual advances, lewd comments, innuendo and sexually explicit materials in the workplace go unreported because victims of harassment fear termination and demotion. This is a scary feeling and can seriously impair your work, life and health. It is important to know, however, that if your employer will not protect you, you can take legal action.