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Pilot AI facing wrongful termination allegations

A tech start-up in California called Pilot AI is now at the center of a wrongful termination case that includes allegations of wrongful discharge, retaliation, discrimination and sexual harassment. The case, which was started by a 24-year-old woman who went to Stanford University, was entered in the San Francisco Superior Court.

Wrongful termination requires swift action

Employees in California might think that there isn't anything they can do if they are terminated for a job since this is an at-will employment state. This isn't the truth in all cases. There are limits to the reasons why employers can terminate people. If an employee is fired for an illegal reason, that person might choose to take legal action against the employer.

Basketball coach settles wrongful termination lawsuit

It is no accident that California is one of the strongest and most diverse economies, in terms of output and participation. The state has led the way in welcoming workers and managers of all races, genders and backgrounds. Legislators and companies have worked together to make this the norm.

Lawsuit against California city alleges wrongful termination

Workplaces do well when their workers are careful, vigilant and ready to report suspicious conditions. California law protects people who feel the need to share problems in the workplace from retaliation or punishment for trying to keep a business or organization honest and safe.

Wrongful termination lawsuit involves California hospital

Workers and managers need security to do their jobs properly, and freedom from retaliation in the workplace is one of the great drivers of California's economy. When someone sees a problem that can cause damage or injury, he or she must feel free to report it without concern for losing his or her job.

Former counselor alleges pregnancy discrimination in lawsuit

Most Californians rely on their careers for their livelihood. They pursue education to get quality jobs and often sacrifice other pursuits to excel in them. There are enough challenges to growing and keeping a career in a fair world, and sometimes the world is not fair.

Wrongful termination suits alleges sexual harassment

For most of American history, employers could fire their charges for any reason, or sometimes for no given reason at all. It took dozens of small advances over hundreds of years, from the creation of legal unions to the explicit legal recognition of gender and race equity, for employees to expect better across all industries.

Former judge alleges racial and gender bias

Employees should feel that they will be heard and trusted by the employer and managers if they find a problem in the workplace. In the case of public services, this trust becomes the foundation of the people's health and safety -- and ignorance of problems is doubly inexcusable.