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California to increase protections against discrimination

Discrimination for any reason is unacceptable, especially in the workplace. If someone is doing their job properly, then why should they be treated differently to someone else working at the same standard? Sadly, many employees suffer from workplace discrimination every day, being made to feel uncomfortable or even threatened because of their race, gender, disability, age or even sexual orientation.

San Francisco Fire Department faces discrimination lawsuit

Our country has made remarkable leaps in an effort to bring equality to everyone regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, while the country as a whole is trending to a more progressive social atmosphere, some individuals are still behind the proverbial curve. If these individuals are in a position of power, such as workplace management, they may discriminate against others for many unfair reasons. We would all like to feel comfortable at our place of work, but workplace discrimination is a serious threat to some people.

Gay man fired after suffering alleged workplace discrimination

It’s no secret that many work places are ruled by heterosexual males. While this in no way indicates that heterosexual males are prone to unfair treatment of others, in some cases personal bias can become an issue causing wrongful termination. Certain employers may be uncomfortable around individuals who are different from them in terms of race, gender or sexual orientation. When those in power abuse their authority, innocent people can be harmed.

San Francisco tells employers: Ban the criminal history box

When a convicted criminal is released back into society and applies for a job, the dreaded question about criminal history often makes it difficult to get beyond the initial application form. Consciously or unconsciously, when an employer knows that a potential employee has a criminal record, the knowledge may introduce bias into the selection process early on.

California legal battle develops over workplace discrimination

All employees should be subject to equal and fair treatment in their workplace. It is an important human right to be treated in a just manner. Although there are laws that protect workers against workplace discrimination, some may not be fully covered by the laws currently in place.

How to file a workplace discrimation complaint in California

Unfortunately, many people in California have experienced discrimination in the workplace. Whether it is related to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or a disability, however, it is illegal. Because most offenders will not stop because you request it, it is important to know how to file a complaint with the state.

Will Congress approve federal protections for LGBT employees?

According to California state law, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees or refuse to hire applicants on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Because of these employment protections, individuals have legal recourse against employers if they are subject to unfair treatment.