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Can I lose my job now that I'm pregnant?

You are not alone in the myriad of emotions, thoughts and fears you may go through when you first realize you are expecting a new addition to the family as many new parents share a similar experience. While, the fact that becoming pregnant may cost them their job is not often the first thing on their mind, they probably wonder how they can provide a loving environment for their child to grow up in as they are not oblivious to the fact that it does cost money to raise a child.

Workplace discrimination could affect anyone

When most people think of discrimination, be it in the workplace or anywhere else in society, they typically think of non-white racial groups, females or a combination of both. Of course, while these may be the demographics that are most commonly viewed as discriminated against, anyone can be a target of discrimination. Even white males can be the targets of discrimination. It is important not to forget what discrimination actually is: treating another person differently because of a specific trait.

How to deal with discrimination in the workplace

In a perfect world, nobody would have to face discrimination anywhere, let alone in the workplace. In fact, between federal and state laws, workplace discrimination is illegal in California, which should mean that nobody must suffer such treatment. Unfortunately, making something illegal does not necessarily prevent it from happening, and many California employees still find themselves on the receiving end of unjust and unwarranted mistreatment.

Discrimination is not limited to minorities or women

America has made great strides toward increasing equality and reducing prejudice in all aspects of life, and California leads the pack when it comes to equal treatment in the workforce. Unfortunately, humans can be judgmental, especially when a person in a position of power lets the power go to his or her head. He or she might begin to act upon their subconscious prejudices and treat people different for unlawful reasons.

You are protected from religious discrimination

Current events have placed a great deal of scrutiny on members of certain religions, and unfortunately some Americans believe that they are being good, patriotic citizens by launching a crusade against those who follow these religions. It is important to remember that the Constitution affords all citizens freedom of speech, meaning that American citizens are well within their rights to voice criticisms or concerns against a religious demographic. However, this freedom does not extend to how individuals are treated, particularly in the workforce.

McDonald's fined for immigration discrimination

Immigration is currently a very hot topic in the United States of America, with citizens and politicians on both sides of the aisle arguing fiercely about how such individuals should be treated. Some say that we should welcome immigrants with open arms, while others claim that immigrants cannot be trusted, and we should work harder to close our borders. Regardless of your beliefs on the matter, the important thing is that the law is obeyed when it comes to dealing with immigrants.

Workers are protected from racial discrimination

Our country has made great strides in providing extensive protections for demographics of all types in the workplace. California, in particular, has enacted strict laws providing additional protections for pregnant women, disabled workers and others. The goal is for all people to be treated equally by their employers, so that workers of all kinds can perform their jobs and contribute to society in a meaningful and rewarding way.

Protecting employees from gender discrimination

Everyone deserves to work at a job they enjoy, where they are happy to leave their house and collaborate with peers in order to contribute to society. In an effort to ensure that employees do not dread going to work, the government has granted employees certain rights to prevent mistreatment. California has further bolstered these rights to keep employees satisfied and productive, focusing on their work instead of on issues that make their time at work miserable.

Your rights as a pregnant employee

Pregnancy certainly comes with its challenges, not the least of which are things like morning sickness or constant aches, but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences of many individual's lives. They know that in a few short months, they will give birth to what is hopefully a healthy, beautiful baby. Whether you already have children or you're expecting your first child, there are many reasons to be excited about a pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are some reasons to be concerned about pregnancy if you are attempting to hold a job.

California lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination

Those who do not follow the video game industry may not be aware that the industry is oftentimes a veritable bullseye for legal scrutiny. Most of the time, this legal action comes in the form of allegations that violent videogames promote violent behavior in youths, or in sexual harassment claims following allegations of a sexist subculture. However, a recent California lawsuit has put at least one video game company under scrutiny for how it allegedly treats its employees.