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Legal aid in proving wrongful termination

You have probably heard about California's at-will employment status, which grants employers the ability to fire employees whenever they see fit. What you may not know is that even though employers can fire their employees at any time and for almost any reason, they are prohibited from firing employees for an unlawful reason. The word "unlawful" is key here, as there are many reasons that may seem wrong or unfair, but are still perfectly legal.

Determine if your termination was unlawful

If you have been fired from your job, you are likely feeling many difficult emotions. You are probably upset about your sudden unemployment; you are probably angry at your employers for firing you; you are probably nervous about finding another job. With all of these tumultuous emotions, you may be wondering if there isn't another way. You may start to wonder if perhaps your termination was unlawful, and if you can get your job back as a result.

Californians don�t have to suffer wrongful termination

Sudden loss of employment can be devastating for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that while your income has abruptly stopped, your bills continue to pour in. While employers in California can choose to fire their employees for any reason they see fit at any time, these reasons must be fair and legal under California law. Individuals who have recently had their employment terminated may not realize that their unemployment was retaliatory, or may not know that such employment termination is illegal.

Wrongful termination could lead to compensation

Job security is one of the most important things to have in a tough economy, but struggling companies sometimes have to make cutbacks. Any number of issues can contribute to employment termination, from unacceptable performance on the part of the employee to lack of money on the part of the employer. However, termination based on unfair discrimination regarding how you live your life is not a legal.

Gay schoolteacher believes he was fired for marrying his partner

We live in a progressive society that is making rapid leaps when it comes to equality. Unfortunately, while public perception may be shifting, the change may not be as quick in the professional field. California is an “at-will” employment state, which means that most employers can fire their employees “at-will.” This power is sometimes abused, as employers may simply fire employees for disagreeing with their beliefs or as an act of discrimination. Fortunately, while the law allows for termination that may be considered unfair, it does not allow for termination that is considered unlawful.

California employee compensated for wrongful termination

Times are tough in today’s economy, and people need their jobs more than ever to maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Job loss can be one of the most devastating and stressful experiences in people’s lives. However, if employment is terminated for the wrong reasons, this may become a case of one door closing and another opening wide. While employers in California can fire their employees at will, people may be entitled to compensation if their termination was the result of unlawful practices.

San Francisco contractor settles wrongful termination suit

What if you go to work every day and diligently do a good job, one that you enjoy, and no one ever tells you that the work you do involves invisible hazards that are toxic and may ultimately cause your death? What if you were wrongfully terminated after discovering you were exposed to such dangers in your workplace?

After being fired for reporting danger, PG&E worker awarded $1M

No one should be forced into a dangerous situation by their employer. Of course some jobs are more dangerous than others, but those workers should be protected as much as possible by their employers. Unfortunately, some employers are more concerned about their outward appearance than the safety of their employees.

Petaluma doctor wins wrongful termination suit, awarded $1.35M

If you noticed that someone was breaking the rules at work in a way that could harm others, what would you do? Would you sit back and let it happen, or would you speak up in the hopes of preventing harm to others? In a situation like this, most people would choose to speak up, even if they were nervous to do so.