California Pharmaceutical Fraud Lawyer

A major customer of the pharmaceutical industry is the government. Both the state of California and the federal government purchase, or subsidize the purchase of, large amounts of drugs every year. Through programs such as Medicare and Medicaid as well as through direct purchase such as for the armed services, our state and federal governments remain a top customer for the pharmaceutical industry.

In the period of 2006-2010 the pharmaceutical industry has paid out almost $15 billion dollars in fines for fraudulent activity.

If you have evidence of a pharmaceutical company defrauding the federal government or the state of California you can bring a lawsuit on behalf of either and retain a percentage of any damages that are eventually awarded. Given the amount of money such cases can generate, the percentage that can be kept can result in a substantial amount of compensation.

Exceptional Pharmaceutical Fraud Whistleblower Representation

At The Armstrong Law Firm, our California pharmaceutical fraud attorneys will help you better understand what options you have regarding bringing forth any evidence of wrongdoing. We can help proceed with filing what is called a qui tam lawsuit. Our skill in conducting such complex cases can help ensure a positive outcome.

Some of the more common ways in which the pharmaceutical industry defrauds the government include:

  • Selling contaminated drugs
  • Selling ineffective drugs
  • Overcharging

California Contaminated Drugs Attorneys

If you have uncovered evidence that you believe indicates the state or federal government is being defrauded, turn to our experienced California pharmaceutical fraud lawyers. The Armstrong Law Firm can pursue qui tam actions while defending the rights of employees. Call toll free at 415-692-0462 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.