California Military Defense Contractor Fraud Attorneys

The military is deeply intertwined with a vast network of businesses that do everything from providing essential services to developing multi-billion dollar weapons systems. Our government spends more on military matters than any other country. The sheer size and complexity of the American military budget can act as a limitation on the ability to adequately oversee the dollars that are spent.

Incentive and Protection for Military Whistleblowers

One way that the federal government tries to encourage accountability is through qui tam laws. These laws establish the right of private citizens to sue on behalf of the government when they uncover evidence of fraudulent activity. The qui tam laws create an incentive for those who have uncovered illegal activity to come forward with that information in allowing that person to keep a percentage of the damages awarded in the case.

The qui tam laws also create assurance for those who come forward by offering special protections. As those most likely to uncover evidence of illegal activity are employees, many may feel reluctant to come forward against their employers. The law offers certain protections to employees against retaliatory actions by their employers.

Skilled Military Defense Fraud Representation

At The Armstrong Law Firm, our California military defense contractor fraud lawyers understand how difficult it can be for an employee to come forward with evidence against their own employer. We will analyze the evidence that you have and outline and weigh potential strategies. Our exceptional trial skills can help ensure that any litigation will proceed effectively and efficiently.

The potential for fraud in military contracts includes numerous possible scenarios such as:

  • Overbilling
  • Not following the terms of a contract
  • Failing to perform the contracted responsibilities
  • Diverting money from one project to another
  • False billing

California Military Fraud Whistleblowing Lawyers

If you have uncovered evidence that you believe indicates the state or federal government is being defrauded, turn to our experienced military fraud attorneys. The Armstrong Law Firm has a record of successfully pursuing qui tam actions while defending the rights of employees. Call toll free at 415-692-0462 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.