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One of the most common types of fraud that is brought to the attention of the federal government is IRS fraud. This type of fraud is so prevalent that the IRS has set up an office just for whistleblower claims.

An extension of The Tax Relief Act passed by Congress in 2006 authorized the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to create an office dedicated specifically to processing and responding to whistleblower tips. The Whistleblower Office of the IRS is able to pay sums to individuals (at least 15 percent and no more than 30 percent of the recovery) who provided information regarding employers or businesses defrauding the IRS.

If you believe you have a whistleblower or qui tam claim involving IRS fraud, the attorneys at The Armstrong Law Firm are highly experienced with these types of cases. We represent and protect the best interests of employees and former employees of businesses, corporations and other entities that have engaged in tax fraud. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our IRS fraud lawyers.

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Anytime a business has defrauded the government, the individual who steps forward with this information is not only doing the right thing but can be rewarded. This is can be done through a whistleblower or qui tam claim. In a nutshell, you would be suing the business for defrauding the government.

There are certain requirements that the individual must meet in order to receive payment from the IRS Whistleblower Office. Some of these requirements include:

  • The information is relevant and provided to the IRS via Form 211.
  • The particular fraud has not already been reported.
  • The information is actually used against the defrauding party either through settlement or prosecution.

We will help make sure you meet all requirements and properly file with the IRS. In addition, we protect the rights of whistleblowers who may face illegal retaliation by their employers for making the claim.

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