California High-Tech Contract Fraud Attorney

The federal government and the state of California are both consumers of massive amounts of products supplied by high-tech industries. From the supplying of military hardware to the office equipment and software that is used throughout all manner of government offices, the government is a massive consumer of high-tech goods and services.

As with any other industry, the possibility for fraud exists in the high-tech industry and its dealings with government. Often, the most likely candidate for uncovering such wrongdoing is an employee of the defrauding company. To create a significant incentive for those employees to come forward, the government allows what are called qui tam actions.

High-Tech Qui Tam Representation

If you have uncovered evidence of fraudulent activities on the part of your employer, you can bring a lawsuit on behalf of the government. You are entitled to a percentage of any damages recovered from such a lawsuit. This variety of lawsuits is called qui tam. In addition to being able to retain a portion of the damages, certain protections exist to prevent employers from retaliating against employees who come forward.

High-Tech Industry Fraud Lawyers in California

At The Armstrong Law Firm, our experienced California high-tech contract fraud lawyers are skilled at representing employees who are considering coming forward with evidence of wrongdoing on the part of their high-tech employers. We will examine the evidence that you have and advise you on how to proceed. If you decide to file a qui tam lawsuit, our ability in handling the most complex of cases will help assure that your case has the optimal opportunity for success.

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