California Health Care Fraud Lawyers

The health care industry is one of the largest sectors of the American economy. As such, there are ample opportunities for people to engage in illegal activity to enrich themselves. The opportunities are enticing to all levels of the health care establishment, from administrative personnel to nurses and physicians to hospital administrators.

If you have uncovered some form of illegal activity that is defrauding the government, we can help you bring that evidence to light. Stepping forward with such evidence is more than just doing the right thing; it can also be quite lucrative.

Health Care Fraud Attorneys In California

At The Armstrong Law Firm, our experienced San Francisco health care fraud attorneys can help you bring forth the evidence you have of fraud in the most effective manner. Our firm is able to represent you in what are known as qui tam cases. We will discuss the evidence that you have and help you put forth an effective presentation of the evidence you have uncovered. We can bring both federal and state qui tam actions on your behalf.

What Is Qui Tam?

When a business has defrauded the government, the best way to encourage those crimes coming to light is to encourage those closest to the crime to come forward. Qui tam laws allow private parties to bring lawsuits against businesses where the party which has been damaged is the government. You are essentially suing in the government's place and you receive a percentage of any recovered damages.

In addition to the incentive of sharing the damages, the law offers special protections against employer retaliation to employees who come forward with evidence of illegal activity.

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If you have uncovered evidence that you believe indicates the state or federal government is being defrauded, turn to our experienced California health care fraud lawyers. The Armstrong Law Firm has a record of successfully pursuing qui tam actions while defending the rights of employees. Call toll free at 415-692-0462 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.