Let Us Advocate For You Against Sexual Harassment

At The Armstrong Law Firm, we are bold advocates for employees in Oakland and elsewhere in California who have been sexually harassed. As a leading authority on legal issues of sexual harassment, Kelly Armstrong has been sought out several times in July 2017 to advise the public on media coverage of sexual harassment cases in the Bay Area.

On July 9th, 2017, the Bay Area media The Mercury News quoted Kelly Armstrong in their "Silicon Valley now reeling in the wake of sexual harassment storm" article. Ms. Armstrong states the following in the article in regards to sexual harassment cases - "We're seeing significant numbers as compared to, say, five years ago."

Also on July 9th, 2017, The Guardian news published "Sexual harassment in Silicon Valley: have we reached a tipping point?", in which Kelly Armstrong is quoted. As well as the VCJ's July 12th, 2017 article "Many VC firms unprepared to prevent, manage sexual-harassment situations", in which Ms. Armstrong states that, "A lot of these firms are startups, and they may not have their act together in terms of having all their coverage".

Count on us to champion your cause and help you obtain justice.

We can help you with the following problems, among many others:

  • A supervisor requesting sexual favors in exchange for a good review or promotion

  • Offensive or explicit screensavers, posters or other visuals in your workplace

  • Explicit jokes or derogatory comments about a certain gender

  • Wrongful termination after you complain about harassment

Why Choose The Armstrong Law Firm?

  • We're 100 percent on your side. We only represent California employees, never companies or employers.

  • We get results. Our employment attorneys have obtained millions of dollars of compensation for clients over the years.

  • Past clients recommend us. "I was sexually harassed by my boss and was scared to come forward... I recommend The Armstrong Law Firm to all sexual harassment victims."

  • We have real trial ability. Our lawyers are never afraid to confront even the most imposing company on your behalf.

  • We are well-respected. Our firm has been featured in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as well as on ABC, NBC, CBS and other news channels.

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