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All taxpayers pay a price for the billions of dollars the federal government loses to fraud each year. But employees who report an employer's wrongdoing often pay the ultimate price — termination, transfer, demotion or other retaliation. The federal False Claims Act provides both protection and a monetary incentive for exposing fraud.

The Armstrong Law Firm has helped California employees come forward under the False Claims Act to report that an employer is defrauding the government. We help those employees win compensation in qui tam lawsuits for the risk and the sacrifice.

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False Claims Act Lawsuits

A qui tam action is a lawsuit under the False Claims Act that allows whistleblowers to share in any money that federal agencies recover as a result of investigating and prosecuting fraudulence. The employee is entitled to a percentage of money recovered through criminal fines or civil fraud litigation against an employer who is defrauding the federal or state government. Depending on the scope of the case and value of the whistleblower's information, the employee's share may be as much as 15 to 20 percent of the government's recovery.

Typically, the employee has left the company or will not be welcomed back. He or she may be effectively blacklisted from that industry. A qui tam award is a reward for doing the right thing and a recognition of the adverse impact on the whistleblower's finances and future employability.

We represent realtors (whistleblowers) reporting abuses in any industry such as:

  • Medical companies defrauding Medicare and Medicaid
  • Pharmaceutical companies overcharging the government
  • Military defense contractors bilking the Department of Defense
  • Corporations depriving the IRS through tax fraud
  • Investment firms violating SEC regulations

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A qui tam action can only be filed by the first employee who comes forward with inside information that a company is engaged in government fraud or illegal activity. If you believe that you have knowledge that would interest federal investigators, the lawyers of The Armstrong Law Firm can guide you through the process. We will vigorously assert your interests in the lawsuit and protect you from any backlash if and when your employer discovers that you blew the whistle.

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