You Have Legal Protections

Being wrongfully terminated by your employer is outrageous. They don't get to fire you for unlawful reasons - even if you are an "at will" employee.

At the Armstrong Law Firm, in the Bay Area, we are skilled employment lawyers who are ready to take your side in job dispute.

We know you don't want to be taken advantage of. Let us help you push back against your employer. That way you won't be pushed out the door without pursuing proper compensation.

Taking The Rights Steps To Assert Your Rights

Our proven attorneys can help you:

  • Seek monetary damages - If you were fired due to discrimination, retaliation, or certain other improper reasons, you can seek monetary compensation. Our law firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients over the years in these cases.
  • Understand your rights - Employers like to repeat the generalization that most employment in California is "at will." We will help you understand that there are key exceptions to this broad general rule.
  • Potentially proceed even if you resigned - Sometimes employers cause workers to quit by making things so intolerable at work that leaving seems like the only option. But if you were forced to resign, our lawyers can evaluate your case for a legal concept called "constructive discharge."