Doing What's Right

Being sexually harassed at work is challenging under any circumstances. It can be difficult to admit it is happening.

At the Armstrong Law Firm, in the Bay Area, our attorneys have a proven ability to help people confront challenges like this. We can help you find the right way to move forward.

How We'll Help You Move Forward

Our lawyers can help you:

  • Chall enge the power games -- Sexual harassment at work isn't acceptable. We will challenge the power games your employer is playing or tolerating.
  • Speak the truth - Harassment can be so difficult to endure that it's difficult to talk about it. We will help you speak the truth.
  • Enforce your rights - Sexual harassment is against the law. Our attorneys will guide you in seeking proper financial compensation.
  • Prevent others from being harassed - Coming forward with a claim won't only help you and your family. It will also help others by discouraging harassment of others in the future.